Do any of the following sound familiar?
“How do I feel… do I feel pregnant?”

“I hope everything is ok…”

“Is everything ok??”

“Can I feel kicks or did I dream them?”

“Gosh, I can’t wait for this baby to arrive!”

“I’ve got so much to do—I can’t wait to finish work!”
If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Hi, I'm Maria Birch.

I’m an obstetric sonographer and mother to Mabel Blossom.

I’ve spent the last 8 years helping pregnant women develop peace of mind.

First as an NHS sonographer...

And now as the owner of Sneak-A-Peek Ultrasound, a private pregnancy ultrasound clinic in my home county, North Devon.

What Sneak-A-Peek Ultrasound is all about

When I was 9 weeks pregnant with Mabel, I felt as sick as a dog.

Friends and family assured me that being sick was “a good sign.”

But I couldn’t help but wonder…

Was my baby getting the nutrients it needed?

I just couldn’t wait for my first NHS scan at 11-14 weeks.

I needed to know that everything was ok…

So I went for a private early pregnancy scan.

It was a huge relief to see my baby’s heart beating away on the screen…

… but the scan felt rushed and clinical.

For years, my NHS patients had expressed disbelief that there was nowhere nearby to have extra scans.

Then, after my own private scan experience, the penny dropped.

As a pregnant sonographer, I was in a unique position to support other parent’s-to-be.

And I really wanted to help.

Not only by opening a clinic in a more convenient location.

But by designing a scan experience women would appreciate.

Not just a clone of other private scans—which can be rushed and clinical.

No way, José!

My goal was—and still is—for you to leave your scan:
  • Grinning like a Cheshire Cat
  • ​With a spring in your step
  • ​With precious memories to cherish for the rest of your life
Especially now.

Being pregnant is far from a walk in the park at the best of times…

But the Covid-19 pandemic adds an extra layer of anxiety.

Pregnancy can be a magical experience…

But it can also be an emotional rollercoaster.

I say…

Let’s create as many happy memories as possible!

Are you with me?

If so, begin by taking my free pregnancy scan quiz. 

I’ll send you a custom report of your results (plus scan booking options).

To begin, click the 'Start The Quiz' button below:
Happy Parents
“That little bit of extra care and time made all the difference in the world"
Laura Baxter, Barnstaple
“My husband go to see our baby and we loved seeing her in 4D”
Jess Littlejohns
“Wonderful to have my partner there—we left very happy”
Hannah Marie Smith, Ilfracombe
“We had our gender scan today and it was out of this world!!”
Shelley Babb, Barnstaple
“This is the second scan I’ve had at Sneak-a-peek and it is truly wonderful.”
Kerry Harding, Barnstaple
“It was a really relaxing and magical experience!”
Suzanna Shepherd, Chivenor
“We loved how much time was spent looking at the baby”
Lara Galvani, Taunton
“The setting was perfect, cosy and decorated so nicely”
Fran Dennis, Bideford
“Maria genuinely wants you to get the most from your scan that you possibly can”
Helen Simms, Wrafton
”Maria was amazing. She is so friendly and welcoming”
Jenni Wells, Newton Abbot
“It really overwhelmed us how much we could see”
Rachel Robertson-Weatherill, Bideford
“Maria was so calm and kind”
Melissa Ashton, Instow
“Amazing to have so many photos and videos to show all my family!”
Kelly Tatton, Bideford
“Seeing our little many wiggling about on screen filled us both with so much joy!”
Emily Mitchinson, Torrington
"We loved seeing our babies at the scan. Maria took the time to properly show us everything about the babies, took loads of pictures and videos which are just amazing!"
Sophie Thompson, Fremington
“I loved how long we got to look at our little boy and all the anatomy”
Shannon Kiff, South Molton
“Our scan was very thorough and we got to see the baby for a long time”
Chani Cooper, Ilfracombe
"Finding out the gender and being able to share videos with our friends and family was amazing :-)”
Rachael Weathers, Ilfracombe
“We had an amazingly positive experience and were able to have the gender written down”
Rebecca Kempster, Bideford
“We came away with the reassurance we needed”
Laura Potts, Bideford
“I loved the 3D imaging”
Simone Tolson, Bideford
“I had my first 4d scan with Maria at sneak a peek and I couldn't have come away happier!”
Louise Beard, Barnstaple
“My partner and I were delighted to see the baby together”
Sasha Ashton, Kings Nympton
”Seeing my baby in 3D was one of the best experiences of my life”
Ella Adams, Barnstaple
“Maria gave us so much information that we didn’t received with the NHS”
Gemma Leach, Barnstaple
“I was put completely at ease—the whole experience exceeded my expectations!”
Helen Owen, High Bickington
“You make memories that won’t be forgotten”
Louise Beard, Barnstaple
“Very different to an NHS scan… you can take your time”
Debbi Andrews, Barnstaple
“It was so lovely that Maria explained and showed my partner everything so thoroughly”
Laura Harding, Minehead
“I’m ecstatic that I decided to book a scan!"
Paris Kendall, Barnstaple
“I most liked how kind Maria was”
Jessica Rudge, Ilfracombe
“Relaxing, comforting and friendly”
Marisa Martin, Bideford
“Thank you—I have told my midwife all about you!”
Zoe Mclaren
“I got peace of mind and a way to share my pregnancy with loved ones”
Iunia Bujita, Barnstaple
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