Positive pregnancy test – what next?

By Maria Birch

November 19, 2019

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If you’ve had a positive pregnancy test, here’s what to do next.

First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy!

If you’ve had children before, you probably know what to expect next.

But if it’s your first, it can feel a little daunting and overwhelming.

What now?

“Will a midwife contact me?”

“Do I need to see my GP?”

“When will I have a scan?”

You can find answers to these questions and more on this website and the NHS website. But for now, let’s focus on the very next step. It’s actually really simple when you know: contact your GP practice. Tell them you’re pregnant. And ask them to put you in touch with a midwife.

You’ll then receive information about a “booking appointment” with a midwife. You should be seen before you reach 10 weeks. If you don’t – or you think you were already over 10 weeks when you had a positive pregnancy test – then mention this to your GP practice when you call. You’ll still need the booking appointment, but it’s important they know that you’re over 10 weeks pregnant if you are.

That’s it.

Once you’ve called your GP, grab a cuppa, sit on the sofa, and watch a little “bake off”!

You’ve earned it 🙂

Here’s to a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Maria Birch.