How many NHS pregnancy scans do you get?

By Maria Birch

November 19, 2019

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In a normal, low-risk pregnancy, you will be offered two NHS pregnancy scans.

As the NHS website explains, your first scan will be between 10 and 14 weeks gestation.

Your second NHS pregnancy scan will be between 18-21 weeks gestation.

All being well, there will be no need for any other NHS scans after that.

There are many reasons, however, why you might go on to have more pregnancy scans.

If your pregnancy is considered “high risk” due to maternal health problems – including but not limited to complications in a previous pregnancy – you may be offered additional NHS pregnancy scans.

Also, after your two routine scans, your midwife will periodically measure your baby bump. If she feels there is any discrepancy in your baby’s size—if you are measuring small or large for your dates—you may be offered another scan.

Finally, you may need extra scans in the third trimester if you notice a change or reduction in your baby’s movements. Those performed in the third trimester are called growth scans.

If you’d like any additional information about NHS pregnancy scans or private pregnancy scans at Sneak-A-Peek Ultrasound you can read more articles on my baby scan blog.

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To a happy and healthy pregnancy,

Maria Birch.