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After meeting my responsibilities as a mother, NHS sonographer and owner of Sneak-A-Peek Ultrasound, there's very little time left over.

Therefore, rather than trying (and failing) to respond to messages across multiple platforms, I handle all online communication by email.

With that in mind, please see the most appropriate section below to get in touch:
New scan bookings and questions
If you have a question about pregnancy scans—and you’ve not had a Sneak-A-Peek scan before—please take our free quiz.

This is the fastest way to answer most scan-related questions and your quiz results will also explain how to book a scan online in as little as 5 minutes.

If you email me instead, I will almost certainly ask you to take the quiz before booking a scan - so 9 times out of 10, it's easier and faster to take the quiz first.
Repeat scan bookings and questions
If you’ve had a Sneak-A-Peek scan before, or your question is NOT scan-related, please email me: maria(AT) can’t promise an immediate reply but I usually respond to most emails within 3 days.
Pain or bleeding?
If you’ve experienced pain or bleeding, I’m sure you are eager for some advice. Therefore, I recommend speaking to your midwife or GP. If your bleeding is heavy or the pain is severe, call 111 or 999.
How to find the clinic
To find the clinic, use Google Maps below or pop this address into your sat nav:

Sneak-A-Peek Ultrasound
The Riggings, Quay House
2 Pilton Street
EX31 1PE
United Kingdom
Happy Parents
“That little bit of extra care and time made all the difference in the world"
Laura Baxter, Barnstaple
“My husband go to see our baby and we loved seeing her in 4D”
Jess Littlejohns
“Wonderful to have my partner there—we left very happy”
Hannah Marie Smith, Ilfracombe
“We had our gender scan today and it was out of this world!!”
Shelley Babb, Barnstaple
“This is the second scan I’ve had at Sneak-a-peek and it is truly wonderful.”
Kerry Harding, Barnstaple
“It was a really relaxing and magical experience!”
Suzanna Shepherd, Chivenor
“We loved how much time was spent looking at the baby”
Lara Galvani, Taunton
“The setting was perfect, cosy and decorated so nicely”
Fran Dennis, Bideford
“Maria genuinely wants you to get the most from your scan that you possibly can”
Helen Simms, Wrafton
”Maria was amazing. She is so friendly and welcoming”
Jenni Wells, Newton Abbot
“It really overwhelmed us how much we could see”
Rachel Robertson-Weatherill, Bideford
“Maria was so calm and kind”
Melissa Ashton, Instow
“Amazing to have so many photos and videos to show all my family!”
Kelly Tatton, Bideford
“Seeing our little many wiggling about on screen filled us both with so much joy!”
Emily Mitchinson, Torrington
"Maria took the time to properly show us everything about the babies, took loads of pictures and videos which are just amazing!"
Sophie Thompson, Fremington
“I loved how long we got to look at our little boy and all the anatomy”
Shannon Kiff, South Molton
“Our scan was very thorough and we got to see the baby for a long time”
Chani Cooper, Ilfracombe
"Finding out the gender and being able to share videos with our friends and family was amazing :-)”
Rachael Weathers, Ilfracombe
“We had an amazingly positive experience and were able to have the gender written down”
Rebecca Kempster, Bideford
“We came away with the reassurance we needed”
Laura Potts, Bideford
“I loved the 3D imaging!”
Simone Tolson, Bideford
“I had my first 4d scan with Maria at sneak a peek and I couldn't have come away happier!”
Louise Beard, Barnstaple
“My partner and I were delighted to see the baby together”
Sasha Ashton, Kings Nympton
”Seeing my baby in 3D was one of the best experiences of my life”
Ella Adams, Barnstaple
“Maria gave us so much information that we didn’t received with the NHS”
Gemma Leach, Barnstaple
“I was put completely at ease—the whole experience exceeded my expectations!”
Helen Owen, High Bickington
“You make memories that won’t be forgotten”
Louise Beard, Barnstaple
“Very different to an NHS scan… you can take your time”
Debbi Andrews, Barnstaple
“It was so lovely that Maria explained and showed my partner everything so thoroughly”
Laura Harding, Minehead
“I’m ecstatic that I decided to book a scan!"
Paris Kendall, Barnstaple
“I most liked how kind Maria was”
Jessica Rudge, Ilfracombe
“Relaxing, comforting and friendly”
Marisa Martin, Bideford
“Thank you—I have told my midwife all about you!”
Zoe Mclaren
“I got peace of mind and a way to share my pregnancy with loved ones”
Iunia Bujita, Barnstaple
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