Early Pregnancy Scans

No-rush reassurance from 6 weeks

"Is my baby healthy?"

That's all I could think about when I was pregnant with my daughter, Mabel.

Especially at 7 weeks, when I was being sick constantly.

On one hand, I knew that sickness in pregnancy was normal. On the other, I was flushing vital nutrients down the toilet multiple times a day. What effect was it having on my baby?

This shows that even when everything seems "normal" in pregnancy, it can still be agonising. Especially in the first trimester.

If you've experienced fertility struggles, miscarriages, pain, bleeding, or had any other symptoms, it can be even more worrying.

In fact, the absence of symptoms can be equally frightening.

Isn't that incredible?

In any other situation, no symptoms is a sign of good health.

But in pregnancy, it makes you wonder.

"Am I still pregnant?"

"Was I ever pregnant?"

These thoughts are nothing to be ashamed of, though.

In fact, they are totally rational.

After all, how do you really know whether a pregnancy is viable?

You have a positive pregnancy test, of course.

But we all know that pregnancy tests aren't 100% accurate.

And we also know a lot can happen in the first few months of pregnancy.

Ultimately, if you haven't seen your baby with your own eyes, it's totally normal to ask yourself, "are they ok?"

What I did to put my mind at ease

I was only 7 weeks pregnant so I hadn't felt any movement.

Nor were there any other signs to reassure me...

Except for sickness.

But if I was unable to keep the nutrients in my food down, what effect was it having on Mabel's health and development?

There was no way to know for sure.

I just wanted to see her with my own eyes.

And after two weeks of worrying, I couldn't bear the idea of waiting for another 5-7 weeks for my first NHS scan.

So I booked a private early pregnancy scan, which I was immediately nervous about. The procedure was very familiar, of course, but I'd never been a patient. I guess, looking back, I was also scared of what the scan might reveal.

So on the day of the appointment, as I walked up the stairs of the clinic, I could feel my heart pounding against my rib cage, and my mind was totally blank.

It was like going to a job interview - only worse!

As I lay back on the couch, the sonographer lifted my top and tucked some tissue into my leggings.

She squirted some gel onto the ultrasound probe and I jumped a little as she gently pressed it into my abdomen.

I could feel the tension in the air as she moved the probe around, looking for a baby.

"Should I look?" I asked myself, aware that I'd know exactly what I was looking at, and that I may not want to see it.

I did, eventually, glance at the screen. And after a few seconds of scanning, the tension in the room lifted, and the sonographer smiled.

There, right in front of my eyes, was Mabel's racing heart.

I felt like I was floating.

But the scan wasn't all good

What seemed like a few short minutes after seeing Mabel's heart beating, I was being ushered out of the scan room door.

The sonographer was friendly, and I'd got confirmation that Mabel was alive and well, but I still had lots of unanswered questions. I wanted to savour the moment for longer.

This is one of the reasons I decided to open Sneak-A-Peek Ultrasound a few short months later. I simply felt compelled to give parent's a better option - a scan in a nice environment with time to take it all in and ask questions.

My scan appointment was 15 minutes. At Sneak-A-Peek, you get 30-minutes. That means, if all is well, you can enjoy the experience. If it's not, you won't be rushed. I'll make sure you understand the situation and we can discuss what to do next - which may include referring you for NHS care.

What parents say

We had a bad experience at [COMPANY REMOVED] in [LOCATION REMOVED] so we were apprehensive about another private scan

But Maria’s reviews were so good that we took the chance, and I’m so glad that we did! Due to previous miscarriages we have felt quite anxious throughout this pregnancy, but Maria was so welcoming and kind, made us feel instantly at ease. We didn’t feel rushed and she took her time to explain everything. Coming away with all of the photos and videos that we watch over and over! Oh and a lovely free fridge magnet! I would 100% recommend Sneak-A-Peek Ultrasound to anyone. Thank you so much!

- Rhea Whiting

If I hadn’t experienced a miscarriage previously I probably would have been patient and waited for my 12-week scan

But I loved the personal experience we had when seeing our baby for the very first time. We didn’t feel like just another couple and just another scan, it very much felt like a personal experience.

Maria is incredibly knowledgeable and talks you through everything she can see on screen. We felt reassured heading into the Christmas period that our baby is growing as expected and is healthy. This will allow us to enjoy Christmas without wishing it to be over to get to January to have our 12-week scan.

I would 100% recommend Sneak-A-Peek, the experience exceeded our expectations and we were so pleased with our lovely images and videos of our baby. The environment is so relaxing and nothing like the clinical environment you’d receive within the hospital. Thank you so so much for such a lovely experience. 

- Lauren Meredith

It was mostly nerves and anxiety that might have prevented me from booking a scan

But being able to take our son was great, and we had more time than we usually would at the hospital to take it all in and really enjoy watching our baby for a little while. We felt very reassured and happy. Our son was over the moon to see his little brother/or sister! Overall, it was a wonderful experience and being able to watch the videos back with my family is fab! Huge thank you to Maria x

- Holly Parr

The distance might have stopped us from booking as [COMPANY REMOVED] is closer to our home.

I'm glad we booked, though. Seeing our first baby for the first time and having the reassurance that everything is okay was the best part! We also liked getting confirmation of pregnancy and the reassurance that there was a heart beat as well as measuring on track. Maria was very welcoming and friendly. The location was easy to find, thanks to the emails sent after booking, and the room was lovely. I also appreciated the videos and information sent prior to the appointment to put my mind at ease as to what to expect.

- Becca Jones

What you get for your money



Early Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan: 30-minute appointment so you don’t feel rushed

7-Step Fetal Well-Being Assessment: comprehensive health check of you and your baby

Rapid NHS Referral: if necessary, you will be referred to your local NHS service immediately

Digital Scan Pictures: all saved scan images sent by email to download after scan

4 x Regular Scan Prints: a roll of 4 printed black & white scan pictures (similar to NHS)


2 x Premium Scan Prints: 2 individual scan pictures suitable for frames and scrapbooks (A6 size)





Bonus: 2 premium scan prints

With a regular early pregnancy scan, you get a roll of 4 black and white printed pictures of your baby.

With the premium version, you still get 4 prints in a roll, but you also get 2 premium pictures. These are individual prints - thicker, glossier, and A6 size - ideal for a scrapbook, picture frame, or gifting.

The Sneak-A-Peek guarantee

If you feel let down for any reason, I insist that you email me after your scan and I will issue a full refund.

How to book an early pregnancy scan

If you'd like an early pregnancy scan, the next step is to request an appointment. There are three reasons you can't book a scan directly on our calendar like most clinics:

You get a great experience. The best timing for an early scan depends on your personal circumstances. Request an appointment and we can look for a date that gives you the best possible experience.

You can ask questions. If you're unsure about anything, tell me on the form below - or in our subsequent email exchange - and I'll happily answer your questions (even if you ultimately decide not to book).

You can join the waiting list. I'm very short of appointments, so if there aren't any suitable dates after requesting an appointment, you can join our waiting list and be notified of cancellations.

With the above in mind, I encourage you to request an appointment sooner rather than later. I only have the capacity to do 32 scans per week and most of those are booked in advance.

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